The blog tour launch begins today for The Divided Nation and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m bouncing off the walls right now (or am I?) and cannot wait to begin so howdy, hello, I love you, let’s start!

This blog tour has a BIG giveaway so don’t miss that. Today I’ll be chatting about the making of The Divided Nation: a lil’ origin story for the people like me who enjoy those tidbits.


The Divided Nation (The Infidel Books, #1)


The United States has fallen. Three years after the 2024 presidential election and the declaration of martial law, the nation is at war against itself. Gangs battle, civilians struggle for survival, and officials of the United Nations  thrive. West Johnston, heir to the most powerful ganglord in the country, refuses to continue the family legacy. But, in order to defeat his father, he must become him: bloodthirsty and willing to do whatever it takes for control.

West gains control by helping fellow gangsters, Nate and Simon, when they form an alliance with one of the last remaining townships in America. After years of surviving and winter fast approaching, Springtown is in desperate need of supplies from the two teenagers. When the town leader’s daughter, Rene’, is kidnapped by an unknown rival, Nate and Simon risk their reputations to save her and the town they now love. But without help from West, their rescue mission will fail.

Told in multiple bold, abrasive narratives, THE DIVIDED NATION steps into a future where brotherhood bonds must be stronger than iron to survive a broken world, and faith without courage is dust in the wind.

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My motto is if a story doesn’t scare me in some way, I don’t need to write it. Previously, Seek tackled some of my personal fears with abuse and fear of trusting. The Thief, The Damsel, and the Dragon tackled the unknown fear of writing a book just to see how much I could challenge myself to. Homeward tackled the hard topic of suicide.

And Emmanuel tackled the beginning of The Infidel Books. That little Christmas short story prequel that came to me in one day and I wrote in one sitting whilst on cloud 9. I published that baby in December just to publish it. And I couldn’t believe liked it.

Of course, that’s not the beginning of The Infidel Books, so let’s rewind, shall we?

A few years ago, I started roleplaying with someone online. The started as a con job and as the months went on, we just kept writing, writing, writing. We loved the story, the characters, the setting that kept changing. I didn’t care about being super good or super coherent. I was writing a genre I adored but hadn’t written much of, nevertheless publish. Of course, all good things must come to and end, and the roleplay partner quit, telling me to do whatever I’d like with the story and such.

Image result for jumanji 2 gif

I was rather heartbroken. It felt like I’d wasted all that time and hadn’t done anything to actually benefit my writing career. I had poured my heart into these characters with nothing to truly show for it. What kind of pathetic writer was I? And anyway, the story was dystopian, end times, with complex situations, dark characters, and gritty topics. Who was I, a teenager, to tackle the series?

Image result for chuckle gif ron

I pushed it all aside. Or, I really tried to. I tried to focus on my current projects. But the characters kept bothering me. I kept thinking of new plot ideas. God kept pushing it back to me. Winter of 2018 is when I actually sat down and wrote a completely finished piece of The Infidel Books. Emmanuel is so dear to my heart because it set me free. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of the dystopian genre… and it battled my fear of not being good enough. I don’t have to wait till I’m older, wiser, or more skilled to write the story God places in my heart now.

So in February 2019, I wrote The Divided Nation. I had dozens of documents, y’all, of previous bits and pieces I’d written but never shared with my roleplay partner, not to mention the tens of thousand words we’d pieced together. I had notes and notebooks full of info and brainstorming and character sheets. I gathered it all, started over, and pressed on.

Image result for carry on gif spn

By the end of draft one, I was ecstatic. The story let me write it! And God helped me every step of the way. Of course, draft one was rough, mostly intangible, and I printed it to chuckle at in the years to come. It was on to draft two and I had a stronger, better plot focus in mind. I also had spent some carefree time with my characters so it was time to put their feet to the fire even more.

And that’s how The Divided Nation started. Messy. Unorthodox. Leaving a bitter taste on my mouth at first. But God turned it into something beautiful. He took the mess I had, I’d made, after spending what seemed like careless years of random roleplaying, and helped me start over. Helped me make something beautiful. Something my own. Something readers love and hate. Something that has already brought my readers inspiration, laughter, tears, nightmares (literally, someone dreamed about it. Mwuaha!)…

I encourage you to take a step back and remember God can turn anything in our lives into something beautiful, powerful, good. The bad, the pain, the chaos… it is in His hands. So fight on, fighter.



I don’t know about you, but just remembering winter 2018 has me wanting to cry and run around a room. It’s been (seemingly) a long time since this story sparked in my mind and wouldn’t shake free, and look how far it has come already. God has big things in store for this series. He has big things in store for you.

Be sure to stick around for the rest of the tour and enter the giveaway!

God bless,



  1. Olivia says:

    Wow! That’s awesome! And good for you, writing the book God wanted you to write!!

  2. kassieangle says:

    This was so fun to hear! What a neat testimony…I love hearing how God gives people their stories. 💕

    1. Angela R. Watts says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 😀 I like hearing “origin” stories but this one was daunting, so I pray it encourages!

  3. Faith Lane says:

    I love this. Reminds me so much of when I started this journey. God has blessed me so much already on this path. I’m so excited for you, hon!

  4. evaschon says:

    It’s so cool to hear the ‘behind the scenes’ of TDN! <3 This book tour is going to be great.

  5. Faith Potts says:

    GURRLLLL. *smiles so big* I love this. And I CANNOT wait to read TDN. Fight on. <3

    1. Angela R. Watts says:

      AWWW thank you! *happy tears* ♥♥ Thanks for all your support. I’m still reeling over holding a copy of Freedom, by the way. xD

  6. Merie Shen says:

    Such an interesting post! Origin stories can be the most amazing/terrifying/sometimes downright ridiculous things ever, aren’t they? 😉 I loved reading about how God gave you the spirit to write a story that wouldn’t end just there. And it didn’t, and now we get to read about it too 🙂

    1. Angela R. Watts says:

      Right? xD I’ve never struggled before so this was quite the experience. Thanks so much and I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Kaitlyn S. says:

    HOW DID I MISS THE BLOG TOUR??? I love this book — but I will enjoy visiting all the stops this book makes 😀

    I loved reading how this story came about . . . it makes me love it even more!


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