As a freelance editor, I believe that every person has a voice that deserves to be heard.

Do you want to strengthen your novel’s themes, character arcs, and pacing? Do you need a final proofread? Do you need a query critique before you send it to your dream agent? Or maybe you aren’t sure where to start… but want to progress your writing career?

I am here to help!

"Angela Watts is a skilled editor who was able to take my story to the next level. Her feedback was constructive and well thought out. She helped me to take a step back and think about the words on the page. The quick turnaround, fast responses, and her deep understanding of my story made the editing process a breeze. I plan on hiring Watts for my upcoming novels!"
Sara Francis
Author of "The Terra Testimonies" trilogy
"Angela invested in my book, loved it, encouraged me... a literal God-send!"
R.A. Black
Agented Author



A developmental edit is an in-depth analysis of your novel as a whole.  It is perfect for new authors, or authors looking to take their writing skills to a new level.

For this edit, you receive a 5+ page breakdown of my assessments that discusses the plot, setting, themes, and more.

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"Angela R. Watts is one of the best editors I have ever worked with! She understands my books from both a reader's perspective and a technical perspective, which makes her uniquely qualified as an editor. I love her insights and notes on my stories; they have always made my work stronger. I will be using her services in the future for as many of my big projects as I can, and I would highly recommend her to authors, especially those who are just starting out."
Cady Hammer
"Finding an editor who understands my vision for raw, real, edgy Christian fiction is nearly impossible, but Angela R. Watts is an answer to everything I've ever wanted! Professional, knowledgeable in the craft, and full of insight and wisdom, I couldn't have had a better experience with her helping me in polishing my novel."
Kara Lynn
Author, Editor


A line edit assists in sentence structure, info dumping, word choice, reading flow, word/phrase overuse, and also points out any inconsistencies in characterization or plot.

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"I'm so pleased with Angela's editing. Her work was excellent and she readily outlined the portions that she liked and that worked well along with the portions that needed repairing. I will absolutely be back for future edits!"
Hannah Gaudette
"Angela gave me detailed critiques about what she liked and what didn’t quite work for her in such a way that I wasn’t overwhelmed but inspired to keep on writing this story and others!"
Keturah Lamb
"I’d recommend her to anyone who needs an editor who will quickly and professionally go through their book giving them just the right mix of building up and tearing down.”
Kellyn Roth
Published Author


A copy edit assists in grammar and punctuation. This is a very popular edit and the final edit to smooth a manuscript before the proofread.

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Working with Angela was fantastic. I contracted her for a line edit and her work was exactly what I was looking for to make my manuscript shine. Not only did she do an excellent job at catching pet-phrases and repeated words, but also knew just the right questions to ask in the right places concerning my character's responses and motivations. I would definitely work with her again.
Kaitlyn Carter


A proofread checks for typos or formatting issues, while refraining from copyediting or structural edits.

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"Angela has just the right balance of adept, perceptive editing and kind encouragement. Every single change she suggests makes perfect sense and is always delivered in such an upbeat way. She gave me everything I needed to make my book what it needs to be, and I'd recommend her to anyone!"
Bethany Meyer
"Angela Watts made the final edits of my work a painless situation. I was able to clean up my prose, and know what to look for myself in the final edits for my book. She's very professional, but fun to work with as well. I hope to work with her in the future for my other books. "
Kaity Orme
Author and Founder of TeaNotesPress


A final polish of your book and marketing materials, this package is ideal for the writer who is set to self publish and wants an extra set of hands on board!

For this package, you will receive…

  • A proofread of your manuscript.
  • A book blurb critique + author bio critique. 

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"Angela is thorough and expedient in her proofreading edits. She was a huge help, and her advice and input helped me make my manuscript the best it could be. I am definitely recommending her to others."
Madisyn Carlin
Author of DECEIVED
"I was beyond satisfied with Angela's edits. She displayed very high levels of patience and skill... Angela's critiques were professional, fair, thorough, and helpful without being condescending. They were also very affordable, which is important to me as an author that is just starting out."
R. J. Wilson
Author of The Wayman's Code: Awakening
"Excellent work. [She's] like a surgeon."
Craig Brockman
"Working with Angela has been a great pleasure. She wasn't afraid of the challenge of me being a first time author and having English as my second language. Instead she encouraged me, gave a lot of positive feedback and a zest to continue writing! Her remarks and suggestions to the book were spot on, making it more professional and captivating..."
L.F. Knudsen
Author of The Sumerian Tablet


Ready to pitch to your dream agent, but need another pair of eyes to look over the proposal? I can help.

For this package, the basics are listed below, but this is a flexible package and can be adjusted to fit your unique needs!

  • A complete line edit for your book proposal, query, and synopsis. I will check your sentence structure, help you trim your word count, and check for overall clarity.
  • First three chapter critique. I will ensure your first three chapters hook your reader, fit the genre, and are clear in sentence structure. This critique is comparable to a developmental edit and line edit but for the introduction only.
  • An author bio critique. I’ll ensure you include the important stuff and cut down on unnecessary words.

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If you struggle with book blurbs, I’ve got you covered!

For this critique, you will receive…

  • A basic critique of your current blurb, including suggestions on how to make it stronger, or words that can be removed.
  • I will send you three books in that genre, and show their blurb styles, so you have reference points when you edit your blurb.
  • A rough blurb draft created solely from my personal suggestions so you get a clean, new starting place!

FLAT RATE of $30.00

"Angela is good at communicating... and helped me create a blurb that fit my story and genre! Having Angela as a second eye helped pull out the right wording."
Naomi Kenyon
"Angela was a joy to work with... She made me get excited to start writing all over again!"
Penny Wood


The first pages of your book are crucial. They must hook your reader (or agent!) without info-dumping or poor pacing.

For this edit, you will receive…

  • A breakdown of the strong and weak points in your introduction.
  • An assessment if the intro fits the genre and is immediately gripping.
  • A line edit.
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Do you need your novel formatted for print? I’ve got you covered. I have experience formatting fiction and nonfiction manuscripts and offer quality, affordable formatting services!

Prices start at $50.00 USD. Contact me for a quote.


Are you unsure which publishing route to take? Are you stuck in the worldbuilding stage of your fantasy novel?

I would love to help you! Contact me to schedule a consultation via email, messages, or call! I look forward to helping!

Rates start at $30.00 per hour. Contact me to schedule a consultation. 

"Angela helped me to get my short story polished and ready for an anthology. Her comments were beyond helpful."
Joshua Reid


I accept most genres, including adult, young adult, middle grade, picture books, and more. I enjoy science fiction (including dystopian, post apocalyptic, space opera, horror, military sci-fi, etc), fantasy (including dark fantasy, fantasy romance, urban fantasy, etc), thrillers, suspense, romance, historical fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and much more.

If you would like a quote for your project, or a free 2,000 word sample edit, contact me below. Please be sure to provide the following information when requesting a quote: your project’s name, word count, genre, blurb, and if you have a preferred deadline for the returned edits. You can contact me via the contact page or at Thank you!

Let's help your bold story succeed together!