ANGELA R. WATTS is the bestselling and award-nominated author of The Infidel Books and the Remnant Trilogy. She’s been writing stories since she was little, and has over 40 works in print. She also writes articles for a few magazines and publishers. Angela is a freelance editor, blogger, and artist. She lives in Tennessee with her family and many pets.



Well, hey, thanks for sticking around. I like lists, so let’s have a fun bio, yeah?

  • I am a bestselling and award-nominated author.
  • I am a freelance editor.
  • I have over 40 works in print.
  • I’ve been creating stories since I was little (my first “official” book was finished at age four, a picture book I still have!) and finished my first novella at twelve. I published my first novel at sixteen and never looked back.
  • I love reading and writing books that challenge how I think.
  • I have pet rats, fish, spiders, a mouse, dogs, chickens, and have had horses as part of my family before, too!
  • I really enjoy collecting insects.
  • I love listening to music when I write!

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