The time has come for The Grim Alliance, The Infidel Books #2, to be unleashed to beta readers. Am I nervous? Psh, no.

Mostly, though, I’m excited. The beta reader experience never grows old, y’all. However… I’ll be doing things differently this time. Not everyone who signs up will be accepted to beta read The Grim Alliance. I got a lot of people who signed up for The Divided Nation, but since dystopian/war novels/thrillers weren’t what some readers often enjoyed, I got bogged down with their feedback because it didn’t quite fit my genre’s requirements. I appreciate EVERY SINGLE READER but for the beta process, I’m on a tight schedule, so I want the process to be painless for my betas. Or, kinda painless. (TGA has a lotta pain.)

The manuscript stands around 85k and the deadline is March 20th. More info is on the sign up!



The Second Civil War rages on and the crippled nation suffers under the United Nation’s power-thirsty rule. West Johnston has earned his mafia father’s trust while searching for hidden answers: who allows the gangs and illegals to ransack only certain towns? Why are the UN leaders being assassinated, and why can’t the killers be found? And if West can’t stop the Union from attacking D.C. in their last attempt to win the war, how can he stop his father?

Springtown remains one of the few townships left standing. Ganglord sons Simon and Nate are unable to aid the town, but another group of gangsters step in, preparing the people for winter. Rene’ Fisher is torn between fearing for Simon’s life and the upheaval taking place in her hometown. Can her father keep the peace? And will God have mercy on the allegiance the town must form with and unlikely candidate in order to survive? Or will Rene’s home burn like the rest of the world?

SO! If you want to beta read The Grim Alliance, here is the form. You do not have to have read The Divided Nation, though that’s a huge plus and recommendation, since the series is best enjoyed in order.


I’ll be sending the info email out, along with the manuscript, this week. Stay tuned! And thanks so much!
God bless,

Angela R. Watts

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