I’m featuring a magazine on the website today. The founder of the magazine, Sarah Levesque, will be answering some interview questions. Let’s jump into it!


In one paragraph, what is your magazine, LogoSophia Magazine, about?

LogoSophia Magazine is a free, online interdenominational Christian publication that publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry and much more in order to build bridges between people of various faith backgrounds. Our culture tries to polarize us, and many if not most of us regular folk know very little about other denominations and their beliefs. Each of our seasonal issues has a theme that is commented on by our various authors from different denominations, and each has a “Controversy Corner” where a specific controversial thing is discussed by staff. We are always open to new writers both for the themed issues and for our blog.

Who is the target audience for LogoSophia Magazine?

Anyone who is interested in the Christian faith and likes free e-magazines and/or podcasts. Our magazine can be found on our website, LogoSophiaMag.com, and our podcasts can be found in all the major podcast providers as well as on YouTube.

Who is behind-the-scenes of LogoSophia?

I am blessed to have a fantastic crew – my assistant editor Ian Wilson, our Podcast Prince Joshua David Ling, and regular contributors TK Wilson, Amanda Pizzolatto and J.C. Ellis, as well as our second set of editing eyes, Monica M. Derr, to name a few. Each is a creator in his or her own right and does great work in his or her area.

Can writers submit to your magazine, and if so, what might this process look like for the writer?

Absolutely! Usually people submit either through the submission form on our website or by emailing me at Editors.LogoSophia@gmail.com. From there, the submission gets skimmed quickly by me to make sure it doesn’t need serious work (which would mean it would have to go back to the author), then gets edited by myself and Monica before being published.

What inspired you to found a magazine?

God. My relationship with the magazine I had been working on prior to LSM was getting rockier and rockier, and eventually I asked God, “Do you want me to stay or do you want me to go?” By way of answer, He gave me a full outline of what LSM was going to stand for and how it was going to look. So I pulled together some friends of various faiths and we started figuring out the details.

What is your personal goal for LogoSophia?

I would love to get it in print, and for it to make enough money to pay the crew something. Right now, it’s strictly voluntary.

If you can share, what are some goals you have for 2021 in regards to your magazine?

I would love to double our readership and the number of writers we have.

How do you find the time to write?

Sheer necessity. Can’t publish a magazine without articles. I’d love to get back to writing fiction, but the last thing I wrote besides magazine articles was an essay about how to write an essay for my students, though I did get a short story published in an anthology recently.

Do you prefer writing nonfiction or fiction?

I have no preference. Nonfic is far easier for me, but I love writing short stories as well.

What is a piece of advice you give aspiring authors?

Accept constructive criticism but don’t let anyone put you down. Most of all, have fun with what you do.


Sarah Levesque (staff 2019-present) was not planning on creating a new magazine, but when God puts something on your heart, you do it. And she’s super excited about it too! Sarah has been a reader since before she can remember, a writer since age 6, an editor since age 12, and a magazine-worker since age 20. She’s proud to be a geeky Roman Catholic, and hails from New Hampshire. Sarah is the foundress of LSM and as editor in chief wears such diverse hats as editor, graphic designer, writer, website editor and more.


If you’re interested in submitting to the magazine, be sure to check it out here and follow along!

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