In 2020, I challenged myself to read less. Yep, that’s right. Read less. For years, I was reading a ton of books I really didn’t want to read. It was easy for me to cram 120+ books into one year, but I wasn’t actually enjoying 70% of those books.

I really wanted a change, so I challenged myself to read books I truly wanted to read. No guilt reads. No pressure reads. No books that seemed nice but I wasn’t in the mood for. 2020 was a year of mood reading and letting myself enjoy books! It was SO WORTH IT. I also wrote about three novels, published a novel, pitched/signed a novel, published a short story, and worked hard at my editing business, so of course, this took time and equaled less reading time. All in all, I read about 60 books!



THE LAST MAN by Vince Flynn

5/5 stars

Review here

This is probably my top read of the year. Fast-paced, full of twists, and amazing characters, I adored it. I am about to reread it even though I have like 60+ books I need to read first.

Favorite parts: RAPP/HURLEY ACTION. A wicked great baddie. High stakes and intense action. Hope through hell.

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UNTITLED by Jesseca Wheaton

5/5 stars

Review here

UNTITLED is one of the best books I’ve ever read… heart-wrenching, beautiful, and packed full of bittersweet truths.

Favorite parts: James is amazing. Beautiful prose. A bittersweet ending. A reminder about love that I always need.



5/5 stars

Review here

This novel took my heart and cut it into a million pieces, I loved it. I needed it. I needed to see hope and the reminder that things will be okay. I needed to be reminded to suck it up and keep going.

Favorite parts: Stan returns! Amazing humor with the Crew. Really important themes.


BAD COMPANY by Joshua C. Chadd

5/5 stars

Review here

A hardcore zombie novel with themes of brotherhood, courage, and trusting God despite it all, I love this book. I finished the series in 2020 and really want more, ha!

Favorite parts: BROMANCE. Epic team work. Sweet female characters who still kick ass. Snark. Intense action.

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5/5 stars

Review here

A thrilling yet disturbing novel that had me on the edge of my seat! I enjoyed seeing the cast in action, the cool plot stakes, and of course, the themes and morals.

Favorite parts: Rapp calling out the Senate for hating his job but they agreed with abortion–can I get a mic drop? Snarky characters. Brotherhood loyalty. HAKIM AND AHMED. More Stan and our shrink Lewis.


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ASSAULT BY FIRE by Rip Rawlings

4/5 stars

Review here

What a ride! Realistic, intriguing, and full of action, I cannot wait for book 2!

Favorite parts: the cast ROCKED. The action. Snark! Russian baddies. Post-apoc vibes.


TOTAL POWER by Kyle Mills


Review to come, I’m rereading before I give a final review and I am way behind!

I was honored to be accepted onto the Mitch Rapp Ambassador team (read: a DREAM COME TRUE) and Total Power did not disappoint! I loved it! Amazing characters, a chilling plot, and such a fun ride!

Favorite parts: the Wicker scene on the plane, you know the one. Badass Rapp. THE THEMES of courage and fighting for what is right. Really cool writing style.


There we have it, my favorite books I read in 2020! In 2021, I will continue to read books I want to read, so if you’re suffering from reading what the crowd or peers enjoy… you can stop and read what you like!

Tell me YOUR top 3 books from 2020 below!

God bless,


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