As I prep to publish The Grim Alliance, The Infidel Books #2, I could use your help! That’s why I’m offering discount services so I can help cover the publishing costs for TGA. 😍

BLURB CRITIQUE: $10.00! A super fast way to get another pair of constructive eyes on your book’s blurb. A blurb needs to hook your reader–I can help with that!

LINE + DEVELOPMENTAL EDITS: $1.50 PER THOUSAND! My usual price is $2.50! This is a huge sale so don’t miss out. I absolutely love these edits!

FIRST 30 PAGES: $15.00! For half the original price, you get a package deal of a line + developmental edit. I’ll help you strengthen your introduction and watch out for pesky pet words! (Especially perfect if you’re in the process of querying, and I doubt you find a cheaper price for quality work. ♥)

Even if you don’t need a service right now, please, share the word. I really appreciate it!

Fine more info on my website! PM me or send a message through my contact page to get started. 🙂 https://angelarwatts.com/services/

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