DIAMONDS 2021 IS COMING! I’ve been working with the Diamonds staff to help make Diamonds 2021 and now, you guys get to hear the great news!

What is Diamonds 2021? Diamonds 2021 is a free online conference for chronically ill Christians. If you’re not chronically ill, or maybe you aren’t but a loved one is, you can register, anyway!

When is Diamonds 2021? January 22nd-24th, 2021!

Who is speaking at Diamonds 2021? 20 awesome chronically ill warriors.

What does Diamonds 2021 cost? Nothing!

Where is Diamonds 2021? You can register for free at the link below!!!


Diamonds has reached HUNDREDS of people and for 2021, we want to reach even MORE! Please subscribe to Diamonds on social media, share about the registration, and join us in supporting our chronically ill brothers and sisters in Christ! ♥

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