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I’m featuring C.E. Stone’s new book, Starganauts: Retribution! I’m excited to give this series a try, I mean, check out that blurb! If you like epic space battles, swords vs. lasers, and a powerful story of redemption, you’re sure to enjoy this one… Today is RELEASE DAY! So be sure to congratulate Stone below!


They found a new homeworld…only to discover an old enemy.

Kaity and her teammates enjoy life on Vexador, a futuristic world that welcomed them as heroes. Yet when an enemy threatens the planet, Kaity must return to Starganaut life—the last thing she wants. Meanwhile, Samantha is troubled after Vogul’s defeat. While the others enjoy peacetime, the prophetess remains vigilant. War looms on Vexador’s horizon, yet Samantha is unable to warn anyone of the coming storm.

Sharko is adjusting to being the Starganauts’ leader when Trylithia attacks. With intergalactic war brewing, he faces a personal crisis as well:  his wife Kaity is poised to leave the team. He can barely hold his marriage together, let alone their planetary defense. Hope seems lost in the face of the Trylithian army, whose leader is bent on revenge against the Starganauts despite them never having met. Will this mysterious leader shatter their team, or will Samantha’s disaster prove their salvation?

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