2021 is over.

And I’m looking back… blown away.

God is so, so good.

In this post, I’ll be listing some of my 2021 accomplishments (in no particular order) and the like, so buckle up!

In 2021, with God’s help, I….

Published Golgotha, Remnant Trilogy #1, twice.

I had the rights to Golgotha reverted back to me, so technically, Golgotha was released twice in 2021, haha! I’m really proud of this novel and the great reviews thus far!

Wrote and published Tabor, Remnant Trilogy #2.

I wrote this novel in 2021 and published it in November. It was a whirlwind and I am SO happy with it. Grumpy heroes? Snarky humor? Stakes that keep growing? This trilogy is turning out to be a killer.

Hired a narrator for Golgotha.

Stay tuned for this… Hint, hint.

Wrote and published Paradise Lost, The Infidel Books #0.

This novella was written and published as a reader magnet, but it’s on Amazon, too. It was a very fun project, especially after the heat of early 2021. Mwuahaha.

Wrote and published The Mercenary’s Deception, The Infidel Books #3.

This novel was way too much fun. And dark. But fun.

Rebranded The Infidel Books.

Before the launch for The Mercenary’s Deception, I rebranded the series with new covers and formatted them again. It was much needed.

Rebranded Seek, Whispers of Heaven #1.

This thriller got a face lift this year! It’s doing very well and I am still proud of this debut. It’s great for Christian thriller fans!

Relaunched my romance novella under a pen name.

The Thief, The Damsel, and the Dragon was renamed This Fairy Tale Love and was republished under my romance pen name. Granted, the pen name is dormant, but we’ll see what the future holds for it.

Wrote The Blood Republic, The Infidel Books #4.

This is the first Infidel novel to make me cry, and it made betas cry, too. It’s one of my favorite things I have written. It releases 1.11.22 and I am not ready…

Had a story published in Run From the Dead.

The anthology released from Angry Eagle Publishing and my short zompoc is the first story in the collection! Still pretty excited about this one. Zombie fiction is a fun genre I cannot wait to have a novel in…

Had a story published in LIFE.

The anthology released from Doorway Publishing and all proceeds go to a pro-life charity. My short story is a fantasy one, and is basically a prologue to a future fantasy duology. I. Love. It.

Had three pieces published in The Depths We’ll Go To.

The anthology was published by Alex Silvius. I have 2 poems featured and a flash fiction fantasy!

Had three pieces published in Finding God In Anime: A Devotional for Otakus.

The devotional was published by Laura A. Grace and Moriah Jane. My pieces are pretty raw and close to my heart. A few readers messaged me about them and it’s easily one of the most impactful projects I have had the honor of being a part of!

Spoke at Diamonds 2021 / had a piece published in Diamonds 2021 Study Guide.

It was an honor being a speaker at Diamonds 2021. Diamonds is a virtual conference for chronically ill Christians. You can learn more about the next event here!

Wrote Winter of the Bees.

Winter of the Bees is my first middle grade book. I also sent it to betas, had it professionally edited, and began pitching it to agents in 2021, too. Lots of big jumps! You can find more about this project here.

Had a great year in my new business.

I am self-employed: I work as a freelance editor. 2021 was a fantastic year for me, thanks to my EPIC clients! If you’ve worked with me, thank you! And if you haven’t, but are interested in working with me, my inbox is always open.

Attended two events.

I sold books at the prepping expo and a local festival in 2021. Both events were amazing and worthwhile! I met awesome new friends and also had the honor of being the first “real” author a middle schooler met.

Met Frank Peretti / shared a table at Realm Makers 2021.

A dream came true in 2021: I met Frank Peretti, a hero of mine! I also had the epic adventure of sharing a table with my friends (Millie, Zoe, and Grace) at the conference book festival. I met some friends at the conference, too!

Started a standalone novel.


Started a Kindle Vella story.

It got a few chapters published but I disliked Vella, so I bought it a cover, and we’ll see when I write it in full…

Started preparation for the first anthology I’ve ever organized, with the queen Michaela Bush.

Michaela and I are geating towards a March 2022 release for the fantasy anthology, WHERE GIANTS FALL.

Had Golgotha become a Top 10 Fantasy and Scifi Finalist in the Author Elite Awards.

The Grim Alliance also made it to the reader’s favorite rounds!

Hit up the fair, which is always amazing.

I even went on rides I wouldn’t usually go on.

Attended Let Us Worship again!

And it really changed my life.

FINALLY started Youtube!

Not very well, but it is a start, and it’s fun! Sub here! I’m mainly focusing on reviews and manga stuff right now!

Submitted to a few anthologies.

We’ll see how these end up!

Dabbled in cosplay!

Nothing too crazy, but follow my manga Insta for more!

Was a guest speaker at Theophany Media.

So fun!


Of course, there’s a lot more than this! But that’s all y’all get to see… for now.

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