I’ve never had an artificial tree before this year. We always enjoyed the family tradition of either cutting down a tree ourselves from our land, and when those pines grew too tall, we would go choose the best tree at a tree lot.

Well, in the middle of a move and with mom’s health pretty rough, we decided to do an artificial tree for our official tree.

I’d put my little artificial tree up in our camper so I could have some Christmas cheer + a nice place for my Insta Christmas theme. But just last night, we put up a 7.5 ft artificial tree in the big house–the house still isn’t completely finished building and all. We did the hardwood flooring this week in the bottom two rooms so there’s space to kinda “live in”–aka, we can have the tree up, put gifts under it, etc. So that’s what we’ll be doing.

The tree was pretty ugly. I didn’t come out till it was halfway “unfolded” or whatever y’all call it. Kody laughed, telling me it looked like a stick. I helped finish it. And if you were completely clueless like me… the tree limbs have to be pulled apart, one by one. Big limbs, then little ones, move ’em around, spruce ’em up, you get the idea. Well, as we were fixing it, I go, “You know what I just thought of? That thing where God knows every hair on our heads? What if He’s like that with trees and alllll of their little branches?”

And for some reason, it astounded me. Sure, you think about God painting every sunset, but that’s pretty. Trees? Not so… “wowing”. Every single tree, even the skinny, tiny, ugly ones? Every single branch? Kinda mundane to think God put so much effort into a skinny tree that’s not super strong or even beautiful to us. And, what about all the trees we never even see?

But it was such a random, cool thought, y’all. It was neat fluffing out artificial tree and bringing it to life. And it was insane to remember that God puts just as much care and enjoyment into each of us. Am I comparing humans to trees? Maybe. ;P But think about it. Whether we’re strong, weak, big, little… overlooked or sacred… God loves us. He loved us even before He created us in flesh and blood. He came to this earth as a baby boy and died for our sins.

To God, nothing is mundane. The Bible says God know when even a sparrow falls. No matter what is going on in our lives, let’s try to be a bit more like trees, yeah? Let’s stand strong in the storm without snapping or falling. Let’s reach higher to God and let His Light and Love help us grow.

Because life isn’t easy lately, y’all. I’ve had some plans change, some I’m pretty bummed about. But I must focus on growing and becoming who God wants me to be. It helps to take a step back in life and remember how big this world is, how big God is, and then… certain things don’t seem so bad. Or if they are still bad, at least I remember I belong to a pretty powerful God. ♥

Merry Christmas, friends. I hope this rather strange post was encouraging. God bless!


3 thoughts on “12DoC | HE SEES EVERY SPARROW–AND TREE!

  1. kassieangle says:

    We always have an artificial tree and I am so bad at fluffing it!! Now I’m sitting here staring at our tree thinking about how God knows every one of its crooked little branches. 💕


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