12 Days of Christmas | Proof of Your Love

Are we living proof of God’s love?

Maybe that sounds like a big scoop to bring upon ourselves. A big life scoop. A big life calling.

It is. But sometimes, being living proof of God’s love is truly not that hard.

Be kind.

Smile at those who might be scowling at you.

Offer help in the grocery store.

Send a surprise Christmas gift.

Message people you rarely speak to, tell them you are praying for them.

Ask a friend out for an activity.

Hug your family.

Help a friend or family member out by doing a chore for them.

If you’re close to children, spend time playing with them, watching movies with them.

Speak with your friends when they need you.

Ensure your social media posts are all written and shared out of love.

Live boldly–stand for what is right no matter the consequences.

Stand with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Be truthful and honest.

Be humble. (Humility does not equal weak, nor do we have to be without boldness to be humble.)

Choose patience.

Above all, love Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. By following the Lord, if we follow His commandments, if we seek His heart, then we will grow on the path of being living proof of His everlasting, merciful love.

God bless,


6 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas | Proof of Your Love

  1. Kaitlyn Krispense says:

    I love this!! My favorite line of this song is “love is sacrifice.” And y’know…that just kinda sums it all up. A constant sacrificing of ourselves for Christ and others.


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