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Trinia’s Gift is the ability to duplicate herself perfectly in mind and body yet, every time she uses it, she feels like she loses another piece of her soul. Her abusive and power-hungry father, Caderyn, wishes to exploit her gift to create an army that obeys his command and rebuild the Airgíd Empire that fell a thousand years before.

Going on the run, Trinia seeks out the aid of the kingdoms that destroyed her people. When things don’t go as planned, she’s forced into trusting a failed mage, a man of legend with a vendetta, and a talking wolf to help her reach her goal by making a promise she isn’t sure she can keep.

As she wrestles with the ghosts of her past trauma and new ones that keep piling up, Trinia begins to wonder where the justice is in it all, and whether she has what it takes to stop her father and save her people.



Author of Christian Fantasy. Developmental Editor. Story Coach. Entrepreneur. S. D. Howard helps authors create and polish their books through his work in the publishing industry and through his own platform at The Editing Bard. For years, Howard has devoted himself to helping authors put their best books forward.

Howard’s writing tackles issues of abuse and trauma, of the perils and triumphs of faith and, most importantly, of the sturdiness of the human soul through the lens of a fantastical world. Within the stories, survivors of trauma will find comfort in the fact that they are not alone. Those who haven’t experienced trauma are given a glimpse of what they can do to walk beside someone who has.




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The giveaway will run 7/19/2021 – 7/26/2021

Here are the prizes:

Grand prize: 1 Signed Illustrated Copy + 4 one-hour Coaching sessions with S.D Howard. (Winner will also receive a free eBook of standard edition)

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Heartfelt and action-packed, THE CITY OF SNOW AND STARS weaves a moving tale of holding onto hope through the darkest of times. If you want a book with a superb story that will leave you breathless, look no further.

This novel is fast-paced (I read it in one sitting!) and thought-provoking. I really enjoyed seeing the characters interact and laughed a few times. It had some golden tropes and amusing friendships. It also didn’t shy away from the darkness.

Christian fantasy is a strange thing. Near nonexistent now. And when a book is given this label, we usually expect a strictly “clean” novel or a book with ten-paged sermons during the strangest battle scenes. THE CITY OF SNOW AND STARS challenges this genre and offers a twisted tale of light and darkness and how even the most broken can choose life… and how even the tormented can find peace. It shows a message of hope and love while showing the harsh realities of life. Showing such realities does not smother the light or taint it, but rather give the light a cause to burn even brighter.

THE CITY OF SNOW AND STARS tackles topics we must learn more of. Human trafficking, sexual abuse, mental abuse, and much more, these topics are well-woven in this fantasy tale. I greatly appreciated this aspect of the book. These topics are close to my heart and oftentimes, it feels rather lonely, so to speak, when I write about them and get scolded by Christians for daring to do such a thing. But this novel is a great example of why we should address these issues… and shine a light in the darkest places. Stories like this show how the light is there no matter how bad things are.

Overall, a fun novel with great themes and a fantastic cast! I look forward to the second book!


Join the tour and the giveaway and be sure to preorder, folks! I hope you enjoy the book when you get it…



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