It is TIME!

Big thanks to everyone helping me share the cover today. The Divided Nation is one step closer to its August publication!

I won’t make you scroll for the cover. Feast your beautiful eyes upon…

The United States has fallen. Three years after the 2024 presidential election and the declaration of martial law, the nation is at war against itself. Gangs battle, civilians struggle for survival, and United Nations officials thrive. George Johnston is a powerful ganglord of his own rising empire, but his son, West, refuses to continue the family legacy. Unable to run, West must become his father to defeat him.

One of the last remaining townships in America, Springtown fights to survive the nation’s destruction. The Fisher family begins an alliances with gangsters Nate Savage and Simon Bucks in exchange for town supplies. When Mr. Fisher’s daughter, Rene’, is kidnapped and her Union officer brother leaves her for dead, Nate and Simon must risk all to save her.

Told in a bold, abrasive narrative, THE DIVIDED NATION steps into a future where brotherhood bonds must be stronger than iron to survive a broken world and faith without courage is revealed to be dust in the wind.

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There you have it! 🙂 I’m off to a chiropractor appointment this morning and have more editing to do on TDN, but honestly, y’all… After some edits, formatting, and final cover designs… This baby will be UPLOADED to KDP/Ingram… Proofed… Gah! It is so close. ♥ God has blessed this journey so far and I cannot wait to see what else He comes up with.

God bless,



  1. Kaitlyn S. says:

    THAT COVER!!!! It is PERFECT for the book! Oh, Angela, I am SO excited — this means I’m that much closer to actually holding this book in my hands =P I canNOT wait to read a finalized copy . . . but I suppose I must.
    You are definitely teaching me patience . . .

    1. Angela R. Watts says:

      THANK YOU! 😀 Girl, I feel you, even with so much to do it feels so far away. x’D Thanks so much for your support!

  2. God's Warrior says:

    I can’t believe that Mandi Lynn created the cover. It’s so amazing. Whenever I get to my cover design, I’m not sure if I want to do Mandi Lynn or Reveries Co? 🤨

    1. Angela R. Watts says:

      I’ve used the designers from Reveries Co. (Jessica and Kellyn) and can sooo vouch for their skills! ♥ Good luck choosing, it is alwayysss a hard choice, ha!

  3. Callie S says:

    I know how this has taken such hard work on your part….great, great job!!!! It’s so AWESOME when your book is about to buy the market!!! LOVE the cover😍😍😍 And Praise the LORD for His help along the way❤️❤️❤️❤️


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