I had the pleasure of interviewing my amazing friend, Moriah Jane! Sit back and relax, let’s get right to it!


When did you start writing?

Quite awhile ago. I have loved stories ever since I was little. I think I wrote my first story when I was eleven but didn’t begin writing seriously until high-school. As a kid, I struggled a lot to find stories that interested me. This became the igniting fuel to write my own stories—to put the books on the shelf  I had longed for.

What was the funnest part of publishing Rogue?

Pressing the “publish” button, hahaha! But in all seriousness, I think the best part was working with my editor and reading her comments. I think we both had a lot of fun cleaning up the story despite its challenges. Maybe it sounds self-absorbed, but I enjoy seeing how others perceive my stories. I pour my everything into writing them. It’s those lovely comments of encouragement and enjoyment from not just my editor but my readers too that keeps me going on those rough days. 

What is the biggest lesson you learned from writing Rogue?

That simplistic outlines make writing much easier. I’ve always been a pantster and still am but having a list of events I know needs to happen helps tremendously. My cast still runs free, my books are still mostly panting, but I lay down the rule that the characters must reach point B in a somewhat timely manner.

Are you working on any other projects?

I am! On those days when I just need to stand back from Vampiric Red and take a breath, I continue working on my samurai novella series. I’m currently working on book two in Tales of the Shinsengumi. As book one focuses on Okita Souji I felt it appropriate for book two to feature the other youngest corpsman of the Shinsengumi, Todo Heisuke. I’m nearly done drafting it and looking forward to sharing his perilous adventure with everyone! 

How do you relax after a long day of work?

I typically read manga. But lately I’ve gotten back into sewing—specifically doll clothes. I’ve joined the hype train of nendoroids and have been very much enjoying my time sewing tiny clothes for them. I also like to watch movies and TV shows while I sew. I’ve been re-watching a favorite each night: Downton Abbey. I’m not sure if that’s a surprise or atypical considering how Edwardian the vampiric realm is in Rogue, hahaha!

Choose one character from Rogue to be stuck in an elevator with for an hour!

I can tell you who I don’t want to be stuck with, hahaha! Rose gets under my skin just as much as she does with Willow. It’d be awful! But someone I would enjoy being stuck with is probably Hanas or Willow. Hanas would be pretty calm and more than likely calm me down (getting stuck in an elevator is the worst nightmare of a clausterphobic!). Willow could probably figure out a way to get us out quicker, else just grumble with me, hahaha!

What advice would you give a new author?

To not listen to what the masses say. There’s a lot of false information and supposed “rules” out there that simply aren’t true. I’ve heard everything from “You have to outline your books,” to “You can’t use incorrect grammar in books. Period.” If what you’re doing works for you, just do it. Every writer is different.

I hear a lot of authors telling younger writers to read a ton, too. I’m in agreement. Reading is a must! But don’t feel like you will never be a good writer without reading. Most of my inspiration comes from films, TV, and manga. Reading books is a must to teach yourself style, word choice, and even grammar! But story ideas definitely don’t have to stem just from books. 

What can readers expect from you next?

Book two of Vampiric Red! I’ve already set-up my loose outline (which I’m sure half of is going to the dogs, knowing how my cast is, hahaha!). I’m hoping to release book two in Tales of the Shinsengumi as well! I’m also planning to do more artwork of my cast. I love drawing them and their outfits, so most definitely keep an eye out for those!



Moriah Jane strives to fill bookshelves with clean, high quality, and immersive stories. She writes fantasy, gaslamp being her favorite, and loves writing for young adult and middle grade readers. She also enjoys drawing characters and wearing Victorian-eques clothing. Connect with her across social media!



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