I have a big heart for the independent publishing community! For years, I have worked with self-published authors to polish their novels and gain reviews online.

I enjoy reading self-published novels as much as I do traditional novels, so I offer a free review service!

You can submit your book information to me through the contact form on this website. As of December 2020, I am only interested in paperback copies of your novel.

Genres I adore: thrillers, military fiction, political thrillers, dystopian, post-apocalypse, fantasy, science fiction, young adult contemporary.

Genres I like: historical fiction, romance, middle grade, mystery, suspense.

Genres I won’t read: erotica, horror.

I am generally unbothered by swearing or graphic violence, though I prefer books without graphic sensual details.

If I accept your book, I will review the book on Amazon, Goodreads, and my blog, as well as a possible feature on my Instagram. If I cannot rate the book higher than 3 stars, I will ask you if you want me to review it anyway.

If you would like to see how my reviews are formatted, here is my Goodreads page and my Amazon. Submit your published book for me to review through my contact form, and please include the following details…

  • The complete book title (example: The Divided Nation, The Infidel Books #1)
  • The complete author name
  • The genre
  • The word count/page length
  • Noteworthy content (example: this novel contains mild swearing, no graphic sensual content)
  • A link to the book’s Amazon page

It is that simple! I look forward to hearing about your book!

*I retain the right to refuse your book and not review it at my own discretion, thank you.